Get to know us

Wow! I am so ecstatic that you are here and want to know how The Coffee Stopper™ was born.

My name is Cara and I try to be an eco-conscious person! I love to invent and I love to write. I also love my chai tea!! The splash sticks that they give for hot disposable cups drove me crazy. They are not recyclable and most people just toss them straight into the trash, and even worse, the ground!!!

I had this idea of a reusable stopper, but I could not figure out what it should be. I wanted it to be cute while serving a purpose.

I created my very first prototype and put it in my disposable cups. I would walk around with it and people would ask me where I got it. Then, my friend asked me where I got my stopper. She insisted that I create more and sell them.

So, today The Coffee Stopper™ is patent-pending and ready to replace all of the splash sticks in the world.